M.E. – ‘an insane idea’ – an animation by Alexandra Hohner

An award winning short animation by Alexandra Hohner uses interviews with a young man who developed ME/CFS following a giardia infection.

She says ” The experiment is based on the idea to create a simulation of Olly’s photophobia (sensitivity to light)”

The animation’s character, Olly, talks about the cognitive issues of ME and after describing how it feels to overdo things and relapse, he laughs and says: “It’s crazy. The whole idea of it is insane”



“I can’t keep talking to you, because I can’t get the words out. I can’t think of the right words and when you have that kind of a crash, it’s like 30 points being knocked off your IQ. Basically you go stupid and emotional.”

“I never realised that a noise could feel painful”

Watch the 3 minute video

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