NICE added an updated (but still incomplete) committee membership list to their website on 1 November 2018.  The Committee will operate as an advisory Committee to NICE’s Board, developing a guideline on ME/CFS.

Membership list


Peter Barry, Consultant, Paediatric Intensivist, University Hospitals of Leicester

Vice Chair

Ilora Finlay, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Clinical Lead for Palliative Care for Wales,
Velindre NHS Trust, Cardiff

Secondary care paediatrician

Theo Anbu, Consultant general paediatrician and lead for paediatric CFS/ME, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool

Physician with an interest in ME/CFS

Michael Beadsworth, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Clinical Director Specialist and
Academic Medicine, Clinical Lead CFS/ME Regional Services, Royal Liverpool University Hospital


Joanne Bond Kendall, Senior Physiotherapist, Specialist paediatric CFS/ME, Bath


Chris Burton Professor of Primary Medical Care, University of Sheffield

Social worker

Tony Crouch, Social work advisor


Jo Daniels, Senior Lecturer Clinical Psychology, University of Bath. Chartered
Clinical Psychologist, North Bristol NHS Trust

Physician with an interest in ME/CFS

Gabrielle Murphy Clinical Lead, Fatigue Service Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust


Luis Nacul GP

Community paediatrician

Alan Stanton Consultant Community Paediatrician, University Hospitals Birmingham

Occupational therapist

Susan Watson Senior occupational therapist, Leeds and West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service

Lay members

  • Saran Bonser
  • Sally Burch
  • Nicola Kidby
  • Adam Lowe
  • Dorinda Jack

Community paediatric nurse – To be appointed
Nurse with experience in ME/CFS – To be appointed
Dietitian – To be appointed
Physician with an interest in ME/CFS (1 or 2)- To be appointed

WAMES is concerned by the predominance of committee members from institutions which promote the use of GET and CBT for people with ME.

We understand that applications from doctors working outside the NHS have been rejected, but that talks are ongoing to redress the balance.

We are pleased that 5 patients have been appointed, which is more than normal.

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