Voices from the shadows is a compassionate and moving exposé, bearing witness to the devastating consequences of psychiatric prejudice and medical ignorance about one of the most prevalent illnesses of the 21st Century.

The film presents interviews with medical experts and people with ME/CFS and their carers, together with archive and other material provided by them in a collaborative effort. All involved testify to the shocking severity of this physical illness and challenge the deeply unethical professional conduct of sections of the medical and the psychiatric professions who deny the biological basis of a neurologically debilitating, severe, chronic and occasionally fatal illness, even though it has been officially recognized as such by the World Health Organisation for over 40 years.

The film shows how children and young people have been coerced or forced, under threat of removal from their parents and/or admission to psychiatric wards, to undertake exercise programmes that have resulted in years and even decades of bedridden isolation, often in darkened rooms, suffering long-term paralysis and even death. As one of the medical experts involved makes clear, this tragic situation is the consequence of a situation where research funding follows political policy rather than medical need.

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