The Hardest Hit campaign has responded to the UK Chancellor’s announcement that the Government is to press ahead with plans to slash an extra £10 billion from the welfare budget by 2016-17.

Steve Winyard, chair of the DBC campaigns group and co-chair of the Hardest Hit coalition, says:

“The confirmation today of a further £10 billion of cuts to the welfare budget will inspire fear in disabled people across the country, who continue to be the hardest hit by cuts. We have already seen £9 billion removed from disability benefits and services in this Parliament. Disabled people are now at tipping point.

“Only two weeks ago the Deputy PM said talk of a further £10 billion welfare cuts was ‘wild’ and that the Lib Dems wouldn’t allow the deficit to be cut on the backs of the poorest. The Government has crucial choices to make over the next twelve months, and we are calling for assurances that they will get it right and rule out targeting disabled people with further cuts.”

The Hardest Hit campaign is organised jointly by the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) and the UK Disabled People’s Council (UKDPC).  WAMES is a member of  the Disability Benefits Consortium and supports the Hardest Hit campaign




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