Do you live in Swansea, Bridgend or Neath Port Talbot areas?

Do you have ME or another neurological condition?

Would you like to take part in a trial of Health Passports and ID Medical Bands?

What is a Health Passport?

The aim of the Neurological Conditions Health Passport is to assist you and/or someone involved in your care, to cope better with your long term neurological condition. This will enable them to understand the impact that your condition has on you, and how it affects your day to day living and care needs.

Take this Health Passport with you when you go into hospital, to show to staff who are involved in your care. Keep it with you at all times, so that if you are moved to another ward, or taken to X-ray, surgery, or other therapies, the staff there, who are involved in this part of your care, will have a better understanding of your condition and needs.

This Health Passport will also include information on your condition and any other illnesses, your mobility, dietary, medication, bathing, toileting and dressing needs, plus the contact details of your carer/next of kin.

As this Health Passport remains with yourself, you can take it with you when you visit any Health Care Professional for other services.

What is a Medic ID Alert band?

The aim of the Medic Alert ID Wristband is twofold, firstly to alert the Emergency Services (Paramedics, Police, Fire) to your neurological condition. Secondly, it will alert Accident and Emergency staff to your neurological condition.

This will enable rapid access to relevant pathways and specialist care. Some neurological conditions may make you appear to be drunk or uncooperative, even aggressive. This may result in you not getting the relevant specialist care needed.

This Medic Alert ID Wristband is of ‘Glow in the Dark’ green making it easier to be seen and recognized in an emergency or in dark places. It is a broader band style making it unique to any other standard charity or themed wristbands.

Should you not wish to display the wording – ‘Neurological Condition’ on the wristband, to any other than the Emergency services, you can turn the ID band inside out and wear it with just the plain side showing. The ‘Glow in the Dark’ effect will still reflect on both sides of the band.

Who is running the trial?

South West Wales Neurological Alliance (SWWNA) has been awarded a grant with the Changing for Better (C4B) Small Grants program. It was developed in collaboration with organization representatives, health care professionals and carers who are involved with patients who have a neurological condition, including rare or not so well known.

How do I sign up?

Contact Carol Ross as soon as possible  07845 007304

Please leave a message and she will send you a pack which contains the Health Passport, Medic Alert ID Bands, and questionnaire (with self addressed envelope to SWWNA).

WAMES is a member of SWWNA and Jan would be interested to know if you decide to take part.


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