Are you currently diagnosed with ME/CFS (SEID)?

Are you interested in your genetic makeup?

If so, help the INIM create a one of a kind genetic database for patients with ME/CFS.
Participation for this study requires you to have a computer with internet access, an email account and your agreement to map your genes through the use of a publicly available genetic testing websites. If you agree to participate, you will provide us with your raw genetic data for us to compile in a one of a kind, ME/CFS Genetic Database.

Besides providing us with your genetic data, participants will be completing online surveys at your own pace. As all communication is done via secure email server, NO travel is necessary and participation can be done in the comfort of your home!

Click here to find all the information you will need to better understand the purpose of this completely web based study including how to participate, and how you will be receiving information regarding this study.

Watch a video where Dr Nancy Klimas talks about the study

NB Please note the above video was created prior to 23andme increasing their price for testing services.


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