Laura’s pen blog post, by Laura Chamberlain, 12 May 2016: The M.E. Adventures comic: energy and exertion #MEawareness   [Introduction:  Today is ME awareness day, and to make a change I thought I’d make a comic. When I decided to do this I didn’t quite realise just how long it would take and how many spoons, but hopefully it’s worth it.]

Sally just me blog post, by Sally Burch, 12 May 2016: #May12BlogBomb Link List for 2016 [a selection of awareness blogs from around the world]

Slightly alive blog post, by Mary Schweitzer, 12 May 2016: ME is not a mysterious disease.

Raindrops of sapphire blog post, by Lorna Burford, 12 May 2016: From nothing to something [As it’s ME awareness week right now, I wanted to touch base on… isolation.]

ohsopleasant blog post, by Rosie Fletcher, 12 May 2016: ME, alone [M.E. really is a very lonely illness. It is all consuming to the person with it, tightening the boundaries on every aspect of their life in a way that is invisible to other people]

jennyhelenmyspoonielife blog post 12 May 2016: The power of stigma: a campaign for change

the hill congress-blog post, by Maureen Hanson10 May 2016: When the hoofbeats are zebras [comment on the long road to getting an accurate diagnosis]

Seán óbriain, 13 May 2016: It’s not all in our head. The truth about ME/CFS [Irish pwme says: We need a complete overhaul of the system and change how we treat patients.]
A Path Of Emotional Growth

ProHealth blog post, 3 May, 2016, by Clarissa Shepherd: A path of emotional growth [May 12th is Awareness Day for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. I dedicate this to each of you living a daily battle within yourself. In this, you’re not alone.]

The establishment blog post, 13 May 2016, by Naomi Chainey: The Hidden Battle For The Rights Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers   [In over 5000 peer-reviewed studies, researchers have identified physical abnormalities in the immune, cardiac, endocrine, and autonomic nervous systems of ME/CFS patients. Though an underlying cause has yet to be identified, the debilitating physical symptoms cannot be denied.

Despite this, the belief that ME/CFS is a “lifestyle disease” continues to influence public opinion, patient care, and availability of research funds on an international scale. Why?]

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