Brexit: Stay? Go? Don’t know?

Professor Anna Lawson makes the case against leaving Europe. She is Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for Disability Studies.

UK Disabled People and their Families – Stronger and Safer inside the EU

Making a case for leaving Europe is Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC):

EU:should we stay or should we go?

DPAC have also written companion article – Why we should say Yes to the EU

A special issue of Easy News from United Response removes the jargon, rhetoric and opinion from the political debate surrounding the EU Referendum. By using simple words and images, the special issue explains the key arguments for the “Britain Stronger in Europe” and “Vote Leave” campaigns, along with outlining what the referendum is, and what the EU does [written for people with learning disabilities, but may help others with cognitive issues]

Easy news – EU referendum

You can register to vote at
You have until midnight 9 June to register.
You have until 15 June if you want to register to vote by proxy



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