PACE Trial Participants – were they exploited? analysis and opinion by Peter Kemp MA, 10 September 2016

The media reports about the PACE Trial are false and misleading.  There is no evidence that anyone involved in the PACE Trial or their institutions have taken action to correct this wholesale misrepresentation of their research.

It appears that PACE Trial participants have been exploited by being involved without their knowledge or consent in misleading the media, medical professions and the public.  The PACE Trial publicity has concealed from patients, professionals and the public, the ‘clinically important’ outcome of the research which ‘Positive Outcome’ and ‘Recovery’ were specifically designed to provide.

Given the evidence that ‘Normal Range’ is clinically meaningless and that its contrivance has made the PACE Trial an example of ‘How Not to do Research’, the glaring contradictions of the PACE authors’ explanations, and the lottery-winning coincidence that ‘Normal Range’ just happened to fall in the exact spot to create the appearance of a treatment effect – the whole project looks like a huge waste of time and money.  But worst of all, it appears to have betrayed the trust of participants.

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