Health rising blog post, by Cort Johnson, 5 September 2016: Hanson’s Metabolomics ME/CFS Study Validates Naviaux’s Core Finding

Maureen Hanson also found a hypometabolic state in ME/CFS

Maureen Hanson

Within days of Naviaux’s possibly groundbreaking metabolomics paper, Maureen Hanson told a SolveME/CFS Initiative webinar audience that her metabolomics study indicated ME/CFS was a hypometabolic disorder as well. Check out what she found plus learn about her exciting new mitochondrial/immune work, and about the creation of a new ME/CFS center in one of the top universities in the country.

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Read more: Hanson’s Metabolomics ME/CFS Study Validates Naviaux’s Core Finding

the way Hanson was talking, it sounded like everything was done differently in the Hanson study. Nevertheless, Hanson’s core findings were strikingly similar to Naviaux’s. She found an almost across the board reduction in metabolite levels; fully eighty-eight percent of the metabolites in the ME/CFS patients were reduced (compared to 84% in Naviaux’s study.)

Watch the webinar               View the powerpoint presentation

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