Draft Assessment of Well-being for Torfaen

Torfaen Public Services Board is carrying out its first assessment of well-being for Torfaen, looking at the communities where people live and work, as well as the well-being of the people, identifying key areas where public services need to act collectively and with others, to improve well-being that works with, and helps to build on, the strengths of local communities and the people that live there.

This is your chance to say whether you agree with our assessment so far, to let the Board know if they have missed anything, or if there is anything else you wish to tell them. The assessment consists of a summary, in-depth report and 3 local reports.

All comments will be used to inform the final assessment, which will be published on the Torfaen Public Services Board website in May 2017.

Please read the documents and complete a short questionnaire. by  23 Feb 2017 at 23:59

There is a promotional film to accompany this assessment.

More info: Sue Browne, Torfaen CBC – PSSU, Civic Centre, Pontypool NP4 6YB


The draft assessment  builds on our understanding of how well-being is most likely to develop in the future and how our approaches may need to change, to respond in a meaningful way to challenges such as social and economic differences, an ageing population, health inequality, educational attainment gaps and climate change.

The draft assessment is a large and complex report, set out in 5 documents:

An evaluative Executive Summary

Part 1, a technical situational analysis looking at well-being across the whole borough

Part 2, an in-depth look at well-being in Blaenavon

Part 3, an in-depth look at well-being in Pontypool

Part 4, an in-depth look at well-being in Cwmbran

The Board has worked with a lot of people in gathering statistics and information, involving many people who live and work in Torfaen for their view on well-being and checking out what the statistics and professionals are telling us.

The Public Services Board will use this assessment in 2017/18 to set their well-being plan for Torfaen, which will cover the period May 2018 to April 2023.

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