The Children’s Commissioner for Wales wants to hear your views on what she should be doing to tackle the issues facing children and young people in Wales.

The closing date is November 11th 2018.

Your views will help shape their work over the next three years.

There are surveys for: 

  • children aged 3-7
    There are activity plans designed to be led by an adult, where the information can be recorded and submitted
  • children aged 7-11
  • young people aged 11-18
  • parents and carers of children and young people who live in Wales
  • professionals who work with, and for children and young people

More information

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2 Responses to Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ consultation on issues facing children

  1. Clive Bennett says:

    A survey is a survey. If you agree to do better than a survey requires than it’s worth doing. If you agree to come up to the standards of that survey then you are failing your people. As with many surveys they all go as far as to appease the people. That is clearly never enough. The goal of Government is to better conditions all the time so as to keep people up to a standard. If not then the country falls behind and spins out of control, only to find their people are living in the worst conditions possible. Silly surveys are a guide not a “What the people want” scenario. What the people want is the fact that their children will have a better future than the rest of us has.
    This is an opinion – Silly surveys by Local Government
    By C Bennett

    • wames says:

      Check out the website Clive. The Children’s commissioner works with and for young people. Therefore she has to listen to the specific issues the young people are concerned about. Otherwise she could be accused of living in an adult bubble! She is not part of the government. She is an advocate for young people. WAMES has had useful contact with previous commissioners. Jan