IAFME – International Alliance for ME

Webinar: Thurs January 24, 2019 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST)

WHO Head-Quater in Geneva, Switzerland.
Copyright : WHO/Pierre Virot

As a member of the International Alliance for ME, WAMES invites you to attend a webinar to find out more about the work to getting ME on the agenda of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

What is IAFME?

The IAFME is a collaboration between national organisations. Its purpose is to encourage an appropriate public health response from the World Health Organisation and its Member States to meet the needs of people living with M.E. IAFME seeks to work collaboratively and inclusively as part of a worldwide advocacy movement alongside the current mobilisation of the M.E community.

The webinar

This webinar is an opportunity to better understand the raison d’être of the IAFME. Alexandra Heumber, Director of IAFME, based in Geneva, will present the IAFME, will explain in detail the purpose of the organisation and its objectives and will respond to your questions.

Alexandra will present the following information:

1. Presentation of IAFME overall

a. Why IAFME?
b. What and Who is IAFME?
c. What are our Mission, Vision, Values, members’ common goals?
d. What is our purpose? And what is the difference with the other existing international organisations

2. Why is the World Health Organisation (WHO) our focus?

a. What is the World Health Organisation?
b. How can we make ME relevant to an international organization such as the WHO?
c. Do you have any concrete examples of how resolutions have impacted care?

3. Presentation of the IAFME’s goal and objectives 2019-2020

a. Organisational capacity: IAFME, being now formally constituted, is building up the capacity and the legitimacy to be a formal consultation channel with the WHO and its Member States.
b. Advocacy: increase profile and awareness at UN level and get ME on the WHO agenda
c. Partnerships: building support and collaboration among public health community

4. What has IAFME achieved so far?

5. What are IAFME’s future activities and how can the community contribute?

Join us on Thurs January 24, 2019 at 6pm GMT (1pm EST). IAFME has the potential to achieve major advancements in the awareness and management of ME. We will all benefit from their work.

Places are limited, so please register and join the webinar early so you are not disappointed. Here is a link to register

A video of the webinar is now online

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