A report from the IACFS/ME 2011 Conference in Ottawa includes a number of presentations on the problems in the brain or central nervous system which could play a key role in ME/CFS.

  • Decreased basal ganglia activation in CFS subjects is associated with fatigue
  • Interaction of Self- and Illness-related Cognitive Processing in the Right Anterior Insula of the CFS patients: an fMRI study.
  • Blunted Nasal and Systemic Sympathetic Reflexes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • a spinal fluid study suggested a brain injury is leaking proteins into the spinal fluid a nasal study demonstrated autonomic nervous system results
  • and a paper suggest that for some patients, it may all be in the nose……

Prof Komaroff’s overview of research 

Dr Valling’s summary of conference papers

IACFS/ME conference website

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