The private Christian hospital and healing centre Burrswood in Kent has announced that they will be withdrawing services for the severely affected patients with CFS/ME until further notice.

Burrswood Press release:

CFS/ME Service at Burrswood
Burrswood is rightfully proud of the CFS/ME service that has been provided in recent years within the inpatient unit at Burrswood. It is therefore, with regret that that the senior clinical team and senior management team of Burrswood has reached the decision to suspend the clinical inpatient service for people with CFS/ME at the most severe end of the spectrum.

Our service for people with mild-moderate forms of CFS/ME will continue. We are aware of the impact that this decision will have on a small number of people, and those that care for them, but this decision has been made following a careful review of the factors affecting care for this group of patients. These factors, outlined below, have impacted Burrswood’s ability to effectively and safely care for those most severely affected by CFS/ME.

The provision of this service for people with severe forms of CFS/ME has become increasingly difficult to sustain for the following reasons:

  • The difficulty in recruiting registered nurses in the context of a national shortage of RNs.
  • The need at the severe end of the spectrum for increased specialist medical support for the clinical team in managing CFS/ME patients.
  • Increasing awareness that people with severe CFS/ME need specialist input from other healthcare disciplines and specialist services that are not currently available at Burrswood.

We will be keeping all these factors under review as we continue to look at what we can do well. We will provide more information when the current review is complete.

The Burrswood website will provide more detail about criteria relating to mild-moderate and severe CFS/ME and the Burrswood admissions team will be happy to receive telephone calls/emails from those needing further clarification or anyone wishing to discuss an individual circumstance.

December 23 2015



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