BBC news article, by  Paul Heaney, 3 Mar 2017: Call for bus firms to provide more wheelchair spaces

Disability campaigners in Wales have called for bus companies to be forced to provide at least two wheelchair spaces.

Current rules require only one space for firms to comply with the Equality Act.

Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People chairman Simon Green said transport companies will always do the legal minimum.

He said: “The problem is that, if I’m onboard, very often someone else in a wheelchair can’t get onboard.”

The Department for Transport has been asked to comment.

Bus companies said an additional wheelchair space was possible, but would result in reduced capacity, requiring increased tax-payer subsidies on some routes.

In January, the Supreme Court ruled bus companies had to consider further steps when disabled spaces are occupied by pushchairs.

However, even when pushchairs are not in the disabled space of a bus, there can sometimes be a capacity issue.    Read more

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