Consultation on the Ceredigion Assessment of Local Well-being

The findings from the engagement campaign, together with other research efforts, have been fed into the draft Assessment of Local Well-being, which is out for public consultation from 9 January 2017.   Welsh draft assessment

The Ceredigion Public Services Board welcome your views on the draft assessment. You can respond to the consultation on-line or alternatively you can download the response form and return to us via email or post using the address given at the end of the form. The deadline for responses is noon on 13 February 2017.

If you would like a copy of the assessment on paper or in another accessible format, or if you would like any further information, please contact:       01545 572003

Press Office, Ceredigion County Council
Penmorfa, Aberaeron
Ceredigion   SA46 0PA

What happens next?
The Ceredigion Assessment of Local Well-being will be used by the Ceredigion Public Services Board as the foundation for a 5-year Local Well-being Plan which will set out how the Board will be working together to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Ceredigion. This Plan must be in place by April 2018.

What are we doing?
Many aspects of our lives will influence our well-being as individuals and communities, including economic, social, environmental and cultural factors. In line with recent legislation, the Ceredigion Public Services Board has undertaken an assessment of the current state of well-being of our local people and communities and tried to explore how it might change in response to future trends.

As part of this assessment work, we undertook an engagement campaign which aimed to find out what it is that you personally think affects your well-being. This mainly involved a conventional on-line questionnaire about well-being but we also worked with local groups to explore ideas and visited community events and shows during July, August and September 2017 to uncover the views of as many different types of people as possible.

We would like to heartily thank all of you who took part in the engagement process. The full engagement report produced from our campaign is now available.

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