Researchers from the much criticised PACE trial issued a further paper which resulted in much media attention on 28th October 2015. ME groups, doctors and researchers have been attempting to counteract the claims with biomedical research evidence.

ME Association Press release

Guardian: Chronic fatigue patients criticise study that says exercise can help. Charities hit back at Oxford University research on benefits of exercise and behaviour therapy, claiming they can worsen symptoms

Daily Telegraph: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers ‘can overcome symptoms of ME with positive thinking and exercise’  Oxford University has found ME is not actually a chronic illness

Daily Mail: ME can be beaten by taking more exercise and positive thinking, landmark study claims[includes interview with Dr Charles Shpeherd of the ME Association]

BBC Today programme: ‘Best treatment’ for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [Interview with
Report co-author Professor Michael Sharpe of Oxford University]

BBC Radio 5 Live: Drive [ about 2hrs 37mns in, just after the travel and a trailer for the rugby world cup final]

BBC Radio Bristol: Can exercise and positive attitude cure ME?  [Sonya Chowdry CEO of AfME took part]

Umiversity of Oxford: Treatments offer hope for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME)
Researchers have found that two treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have long term benefits for people affected by the condition.

Sciencemag: Criticism mounts of a long, controversial chronic fatigue study

Medical express: Treatments offer hope for chronic fatigue syndrome

ME Action: Misleading PACE claims should be retracted

NHS Choices: Exercise and therapy ‘useful for chronic fatigue syndrome’

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