Exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome in Cochrane library post, 30 November 2018

Amended History of review:

Addition of new published note: ‘The author team has re‐submitted a revised version of this review following the complaint by Robert Courtney. The Editor in Chief and colleagues recognise that the author team has sought to address the criticisms made by Mr Courtney but judge that further work is needed to ensure that the review meets the quality standards required, and as a result have not approved publication of the re‐submission. The review is also substantially out of date and in need of updating.

Cochrane recognises the importance of this review and is committed to providing a high quality review that reflects the best current evidence to inform decisions.

The Editor in Chief is currently holding discussions with colleagues and the author team to determine a series of steps that will lead to a full update of this review. These discussions will be concluded as soon as possible’.

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