In a week long campaign the Daily Mail makes damning accusations about the handling of the Health Service in Wales.

Why the NHS ISN’T safe in Red Ed’s hands: Miliband says only Labour can be ‘trusted’ on health but this devastating series on the state of Labour-run NHS in Wales proves you won’t want to fall ill if he becomes PM  [Daily Mail 19 Oct 2014]

  • Welsh NHS has been controlled by Labour for the last 15 years
  • Official figures show it is lagging behind England on host of key indicators
  • Despite failings Miliband claims only Labour can be trusted to safeguard
  • For some families it will take more convincing after relatives died at hands of healthcare workers, following catalogue of blunders in Welsh hospitals

Labour’s NHS shame exposed: Mail investigation reveals meltdown in Labour-run Welsh NHS with police probing allegations of horrifying neglect  [Daily Mail 20 Oct 2014]

Health campaigners last night demanded a full-scale inquiry into the meltdown in the Labour-run Welsh NHS.
The Daily Mail has uncovered appalling cases of patients dying while on waiting lists or being forced to move to England for life-saving treatment…

Welsh Government responds to Daily Mail claims on Welsh NHS  [Daily Mail 20 Oct 2014]

The Welsh Government claims there are ten serious ‘inaccuracies’ in the Mail’s coverage of its NHS… Here we explain why every fact is correct   [Daily Mail 20 Oct 2014]

Patients in mass exodus to England: As Labour blocks international inquiry into crisis-hit Welsh NHS, thousands cross border for life-saving treatment  [Daily Mail 20 Oct 2014]

  • Number of cancer ‘refugees’ quadrupled in a decade to 15,450 last year
  • Nearly four times as many Welsh patients cross over as English ones do
  • One woman in labour travelled 55 miles to avoid birth in Welsh hospital
  • Chiefs cancelled visit by international OECD group at ‘very short notice’

Health refugees forced to sell up and move to England for life-saving care: Continuing our investigation into the terrifying state of the Welsh NHS – run by Labour for the past 15 years – which proves you can’t trust Red Ed with your health [Daily Mail 21 Oct 2014]

Daily Mail: ‘Second class NHS’ for the Welsh  [Daily Mail 21 Oct]

Labour ministers attacking ‘Tory war’ on NHS in Wales [Guardian 21 Oct 2014]

‘Your party has told a tissue of lies’: Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford releases explosive public letter to Jeremy Hunt  [Wales online 21 Oct 2014]

The scandal of the patients condemned to die by waiting list shambles: Day 3 of the Mail’s expose of the Labour-run Welsh NHS [Daily Mail 22 Oct 2014]

Now the shaming of Red Ed’s Welsh NHS sparks political storm: Send in watchdog to inspect hospitals, demands minister  [Daily Mail 22 Oct 2014]

How the NHS Wales wastes money on bureaucrats in non-jobs yet has lethally long waiting lists that would shame a Third World country [Daily Mail 22 Oct 2014]

Why the NHS in Wales is in need of greater scrutiny, not smears and scare stories [Wales online 22 Oct]

Cameron challenges Miliband to let international inspectors into the NHS in Wales to expose failings on Labour’s watch [Daily Mail 22 Oct 2014]

Cameron defends record on NHS [Daily Mail 22 Oct 2014]

Deadly 999 shambles: The heartbreaking stories that reveal the life-or-death gamble of calling an ambulance in Wales [Daily Mail 22 Oct 2014]

Welsh Government responds to Daily Mail claims on Welsh NHS [Welsh Government website 22 Oct 2014]


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