Disability Rights UK blog post, 5 July:  DBC seek PIP 20 metre case studies

The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC), of which Disability Rights UK is a member, is collating a dossier of anonymised case studies on PIP to support its calls for the 20 metre mobility criterion to be extended to 50 metres.

Whereas under DLA those who can only reliably walk up to 50 metres were awarded the highest mobility rate, the enhanced mobility rate of PIP is restricted to those who can only reliably walk up to 20 metres.Case studies where disabled people have been denied the enhanced rate of mobility component of PIP, either following reassessment from DLA or, as a new claim will be especially useful.While the DBC remains concerned about the accuracy and consistency of PIP assessments, it wants to demonstrate that the 20 metre mobility criterion is inappropriate.Because of this case studies where individuals who can reliably walk over 20 metres and there aren’t major concerns that the mobility criterion have been applied incorrectly would be especially welcome.

You can complete our PIP 20 metre survey here    The survey will close on 22 July.
You can find out more information about the DBC on their website
For more information about PIP see the DR UK PIP Guide
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