BatemanHorneCenter blog post, by Leigh Reynolds, 4 Aug 2016: Simple, Effective Tools for Managing MECFS,

While there is no cure, FM and ME/CFS patients under her care often tell Dr. Bateman they are much better than they used to be. Though each patient is unique, Dr. Bateman has focused practical treatment advice on some common truths evident from treating hundreds of patients. She finds that this applies to almost all those with ME/CFS and FM.

In this webinar, Dr. Bateman discusses her time-tested approach to supportive care and self-management that is used at the BHC to partner with patients and help them achieve the best possible function and symptom reduction. While what is presented will not fully apply to all, it is her hope that this information will provide some relief.

Simple, Effective Tools for Managing MECFS, FM – Education Meeting, August 3, 2016

You may also download a FREE COPY of her treatment advice

The Bateman Horne Center holds monthly education meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. Patients in the Salt Lake City area are invited to attend in person, and the sessions are broadcast via YouTube live stream, making them available to all. After the education meeting takes place, all recordings are archived here on the BHC blog and on the BHC YouTube channel.

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