#WAMES _800 Fundraising Journey


During 2022 WAMES needs to find enough money to enable us to continue campaigning, supporting and sharing information in 2023.   Find out why

WAMES depends on volunteers, supporters and friends of the ME community to make the work of WAMES possible.

Maybe YOU have the skills we need to help us explore all the different ways that we can raise money which are free, low energy, inspire friends and family to join us or will attract outside funding.

You could sign up as a volunteer, send us some ideas or organise your own fundraising action.

Money for free

Do you know someone who shops online? Shopping online is very convenient, avoids the crowds and can sometime be cheaper.  Many of us order food, clothes, household items, holidays or business supplies online and there are thousands of online stores to choose from.

Invite friends and family to people with ME by joining Amazon Smile or Easy fundraising and raise money for WAMES while they shop.


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