It is with regret that WAMES has to announce that the GMC have ordered Dr Nigel Speight to cease all ME related activity, and this includes his role as medical advisor to WAMES.

WAMES, in addition to many others, had written to the GMC in support of Dr Speight before the hearing, and will continue to support him in any way he deems appropriate.


Letter dated 22 April 2016

Dear friend/supporter

I am sorry to have to tell you of the result of my hearing before an Interim Orders Tribunal of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service on 20 April 2016. Most of you will be familiar with the sequence of events that led up to this case and the current GMC investigation.

At the hearing, my barrister offered that I should voluntarily withdraw from all ME related activity pending further investigation by the GMC. The panel did not accept this offer, but have imposed interim conditions on my registration mirroring the voluntary restrictions I had offered for a period 15 months.  The conditions prevent me from carrying out any work in relation to ME in either a paid or unpaid capacity.

The IOT Panel concluded that my practice in the field of ME/CFS may be deficient, and that it was necessary to impose an interim order for the protection of members of the public and to maintain public confidence.

On the positive side, apart from these conditions, the IOT has not restricted my practice in paediatrics in general. The IOT has not made any findings of fact and the order will be reviewed after 6 months.  The IOT is not the forum in which to challenge the substance of the complaint made to the GMC.

To those of you who represent charities, I am afraid that I must with immediate effect withdraw my services as a medical/paediatric adviser. I wish you luck in finding someone to fill the gap. I will direct all patients and families with whom I have had prior contact back to your charity for advice.

Please also understand that these restrictions even extend to preventing me speaking or lecturing on the subject of ME.

To my fellow members of the authoring committee of the International Consensus report on paediatric ME/CFS, I am afraid I also have to withdraw from future contributions.
To my friends in Norway and Germany, I am afraid this means that I am unable to continue to support the three families I have already met, either informally or in legal proceedings.

Thanks for very much for all your support. Wish me luck

Best Wishes to you all in your continuing struggles to support patients and families


Info from GMC website 24 April 2016:

Doctor Details

GMC Reference Number  0742032
Given Names  Arthur Nigel Podmore
Surname  Speight
Gender  Man
Status  Registered with a licence to practise; this doctor is on the Specialist Register
This doctor has conditions
Conditions on the doctor’s registration:

  1. From 20 Apr 2016 To 19 Jul 2017
    He must notify the GMC within seven calendar days of the date these conditions become effective: a of the details of his current post, including his job title, job location and responsible officer (or their nominated deputy) information b of the contact details of his employer and/or contracting body, including his direct line manager c of any organisation where he has practising privileges and/or admitting rights. d of any training programmes he is in e of the contact details of any locum agency he is registered with.
  2. He must notify the GMC: a of any post he accepts, before starting it b if any formal disciplinary proceedings against him are started by his employer and/or contracting body, within seven calendar days of being formally notified of such proceedings c if he applies for a post outside the UK.
  3. He must allow the GMC to exchange information with his employer and/or any contracting body for which he provides medical services.
  4. He must confine his practice to NHS posts as a Consultant General Paediatrician b. He must not carry out any work in relation to Myalgic Encephalopathy Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in either a paid or unpaid capacity c. He must refer any patient with a possible diagnosis of Myalgic Encephalopathy Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to another consultant Paediatrician d. He must keep a log detailing every case where he has make a referral under ‘c’ above.
  5. He must inform the following persons of the conditions listed at 1 to 4 a his employer and/or contracting body b his responsible officer (or their nominated deputy) c his immediate line manager at his place of work, at least one working day before starting work (for current and new posts including locum posts) d any prospective employer and/or contracting body, at the time of application e The responsible officer of any organisation where he has, or has applied for, practising privileges and/or admitting rights, at the time of application f any locum agency or out-of-hours service he is registered with.



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