Invest in ME Research news post, 10 Oct 2016: IiMER Wins Awards for All Grant for CofE Promotion

centre-of-excellence-logoInvest in ME Research is a UK charity intent on changing the landscape of research for patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and their families.

Diagnostic tests and medical treatments can only be developed from sound scientific biomedical research.

Classified by the World Health Organisation as neurological, ME is a multi-system, multi-organ disease.

To create a base of research into ME has been the ambition of the charity since 2007.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Invest in ME Research has been awarded a Big Lottery Awards for All grant to help us publicise our proposal for a Centre of Excellence in Norwich, UK, which could form a hub of biomedical research into ME for Europe.

The charity will use the funding to create a business plan for the development of a dedicated Centre of Excellence for ME.

We will also produce a DVD containing the latest research, information and support with regard to ME – still to be decided but maybe connected with the IIMEC12 conference in 2017.

We also plan to organise an event explaining our proposal and plans for the Centre of Excellence for ME to potential beneficiaries. This will show the potential for such a Centre and how it can achieve a dramatic change in progress in resolving this disease.

Our proposal holds out great hope to find the cause(s) and treatment(s) for this disease by creating a hub of translational biomedical research into ME which would be sustainable.

A strategy of biomedical research is being developed and would be expanded by this Centre and provide a focal point for developing treatments based on high-quality research.

We invite support from anyone who wishes to make progress in understanding and treating this disease. More details of funding campaigns will be coming out in the future.

We are very grateful to Awards For All for this support for our CofEforME proposal.

This will take a major effort to achieve but we feel it can be done and the rewards for people with ME would be huge.

To create a base of research into ME has been the ambition of the charity since 2007.

It would be a great achievement if this could be realised by the tenth anniversary of that plan.

Please look at the Ways to Support us page

We thank all of our supporters who have been helping us drive the campaign to build a long-term, sustainable foundation of biomedical research into ME.

Support ME Awareness – Invest in ME Research

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Charity No. 1153730

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