ME Action article: 10,000 signatures for more research funding in the UK!

Calling all British M.E. sufferers & allies,

Inspired by our American friends and the progress that has been made over in the States with government funding and new research projects, we think it’s time for patients to put the pressure on the UK parliament. We are asking for an increase in budget to fund bio-medical research as well as the formation of a work group to represent the issues facing our community in government.

Although only British citizens or UK residents have the right to sign, we think that with over 250,000 diagnosed M.E. sufferers and many more undiagnosed cases, as well as our families, friends, and M.E. allies, we can hit the 10,000 signature requirement for the government to respond to this petition. [Currently the total is over 5,280]

Let’s do this!

Petition: Invest more money into scientific research to find the cause of M.E./CFS

M.E./CFS is a debilitating autoimmune disease currently affecting 250,000 people in the UK. Many sufferers are unable to work or care for themselves, and 25% of M.E. patients are bedbound. Most M.E. sufferers are on ESA or disability benefits, causing a significant economic burden.

►More details: No universally effective treatment exists for M.E. Current NHS treatments for the illness are based on the controversial PACE trial, and have been found ineffective or even harmful. Good quality research into the root cause of the illness is needed. The current annual budget for biomedical research works at roughly £1 per patient per year. We want the budget for research to be dramatically increased. We also ask for the formation of a work group focusing on the issues surrounding this disease.

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