The Microbiome Summit
James Maskell, MD will lead the summit off with a talk on how the gut microbiome is changing our approach to health.  Ji Sayer will go further when he proposes that the microbiome will transform how we treat disease.  The renowned functional medicine specialist, Mark Hyman MD will talk on  antibiotics and food.

Other talks in this eight-day summit focus on the gut /hormone connection, recommended diets/probiotics for children and pregnant women, microbiome imbalances and how to fix them, what kind of microbiome tests to get, how to re-establish the gut lining, the GAPS diet, autoimmune diseases and the gut, parasite testing, the effects of the stress on the gut.

Once you register the presentations are free – if you watch them the day they are given.

Register for the Microbiome Summit here

You can also get online access to the entire summit or have it downloaded to your computer (at the end of the Summit) by pre-ordering them or ordering them later. The prices are below.  Use this link to pre-order the Summit.




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