Early day motion 985:

That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, praying that the Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (S.I., 2017, No. 194), dated 22 February 2017, a copy of which was laid before this House on 23 February, be annulled.

Primary sponsor: Tim Farron MP

It is thought that the changes to PIP will deny increased disability benefit payments to more than 150,000 people in the UK.  The MPs who wish to see the annulment of these changes are listed on Parliament’s petition page.

If you wish to see your MP’s name there,  email and ask them to sign:    Find your MP

More info:

Why restrictions on Personal Independence Payment should not go ahead

Telegraph article, 28 Feb 2017: Targeting those with invisible disabilities undermines the fairness of benefits reform

Disability news service, 2 Mar 2017: Billions of pounds of PIP cuts ‘will put lives at risk’ 


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