Disability news service blog post, by John pring, 6 July 2017: PIP reassessments cause more than half DLA claimants to lose Motability rights 

More than half of those disabled people previously eligible for the Motability vehicle scheme have lost that eligibility after being reassessed for the government’s new disability benefit, according to a freedom of information response.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures show fewer than half (about 126,000) of the 254,000 people previously receiving the higher rate mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) secured the same level of mobility support when reassessed for personal independence payment (PIP).

Of those reassessed between October 2013 and October 2016, about 65,000 had their entitlement reduced to the standard PIP mobility rate, and about 63,000 lost their entitlement to mobility support altogether.

Only those entitled to the enhanced rate of the PIP mobility component are entitled to join – or to continue to be a member of – the Motability scheme.

The figures were obtained by the national disabled people’s organisation Disability Rights UK, following a freedom of information request.

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