Resources for doctors – new web pages for professionals

Mindful of the stresses doctors are under in the NHS these days and the desperate need for doctors with some knowledge of ME, WAMES is rewriting the web pages for professionals. We have begun with some pages for doctors that provide ‘bite size’, easy to assimilate information for over-busy practitioners.


  • ME – snapshots for professionals – at a glance quotes from leading publications which summarise the latest thinking about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
  • Diagnosis – an introduction – links to 3 short videos summarising diagnosis of ME by experts in their field: Dr Charles Shepherd, Dr David Kaufman, Dr Nigel Speight and Prof Peter Rowe.
  • Diagnostic guidelines – brings together links to the key guidelines: BMJ Best Clinical Practice, NICE (under review), ME Association ‘purple book’, International Consensus Primer, Canadian criteria, US IOM clinicians’ guide and the 2017 Paediatric primer.
  • Conferences and webinars



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