The Western Telegraph item about ME Awareness week:

‘A support group for people in Pembrokeshire living with ME is urging people to wear blue tomorrow to show support for International ME Awareness Day.

The Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support (WAMES) is also urging supporters to post a picture of themselves wearing blue on their new Facebook page.

The group has increased its social media presence to coincide with ME Awareness Week, which ends tomorrow, extending its online presence into Facebook and Twitter.

It is inviting people in Pembrokeshire with ME in Wales to share their stories through the social networks, or through their website .

Pembrokeshire-based WAMES volunteer Sharon Price, who has had ME since her late teens said: “As there is no NHS specialist consultant for ME in Wales, charities like WAMES and the Mid and West Wales ME Group are vital sources of information and support for those diagnosed with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

“We also campaign for better understanding and awareness of the illness and better services for those affected, as well as raising funds for biomedical research.

She said that WAMES would like to hear from people in Pembrokeshire with ME as well as their carers or family.

“We need to build up an accurate picture of people’s experiences of services so we can present patients’ stories to health professionals and service commissioners. “You can help by sending us your story, completing a questionnaire, or joining us on Facebook.’

Wear blue to support ME

Of course WAMES supports people all over WAMES, not just in Pembrokeshire!

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