Carers Wales Campaign 2017/18: Working Carers Survey

As the working population ages and our loved ones are living longer, supporting carers who work is becoming increasingly important. More and more of us will be juggling caring responsibilities at home alongside work.

Employers of all sizes will want to do more for carers in their workforce and Carers Wales wants to know your thoughts on how your employers could make your lives better by adopting certain working practices. We would like your views if:

  • you are a working carer
  • you have been a working carer
  • you think you may be a working carer in the future
  • you have views you would like to share

Carers Wales will use the findings for a report which will be shared across Wales to inform employers and the Welsh Government about how working carers can be supported.

If you have a view, please fill in the survey.


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