Dr Paul Cheney, a leading CFS expert physician in America for years, reports that XMRV was found in 7 of 8 CFS patients but only in 2 of 17 non-CFS people (controls) in a study reported by Dr David Strayer of Hemispherex Inc. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) by using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) “which does not have the flaws of PCR technology” that was earlier used with mixed resuts to detect XMRV in CFS patients.

“NGS is not susceptible to mouse contamination…” it states. So apparently PCR was the wrong test to use, and NGS is a far better test to detect XMRV. So if other researchers can use NGS to detect XMRV in CFS patients, then that would seem to prove NGS is a far better and more reliable test than PCR to detect XMRV. And that XMRV is a significant virus in CFS.

Changing status of XMRV / HGRV research


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