Lord Barry Jones

A message from Lord Barry Jones

ME is a complex condition which can have a devastating effect on adults and children, and their families.  It is humbling to be told of the utter weariness and constant anxiety that attends the person with ME. The humanity of the situation is crucial in all of this. And therefore speedy diagnosis and informed management advice from the medical profession in Wales is a priority. WAMES’ campaigning is increasingly important.

There is still much misunderstanding about the nature, seriousness and treatment of ME so I fully support the vision of:

a Wales where adults and children with ME and CFS and their carers, are taken seriously and treated with respect, where diagnosis, treatment and services are accessible without a battle.’

Progress has been slow, but I am proud to be associated with you and such important work. May you have success and encouragement in the immediate campaigning years ahead. Good luck to all in the network of WAMES.

Happy 10th birthday WAMES!

Lord Barry Jones

Hawarden, Flintshire   May 2011

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