People with ME & CFS can become very isolated. They are often not well enough to maintain friendships and take part in normal social activities, especially those who are severely affected and those in the early stages of illness. In addition the medical profession is often unable to provide much insight, information and help.

Joining a self-help support group can:

  • provide understanding and moral support from people who may have had similar experiences
  • promote acceptance (that your experiences are ‘normal’ – you are not odd or a freak) and the motivation to take the next step in the recovery journey
  • provide an essential sense of community and belonging – knowing you are not alone is a powerful feeling
  • provide fun and laughter
  • relieve emotional isolation
  • empower you to take control of the management of your condition
  • provide information about your illness, coping strategies, possible treatments, community resources and anything else that affects your well-being
  • provide a sense of achievement when you are able to help someone else provide strength in numbers
  • make more impact when fundraising or campaigning.

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