WAMES survey of services

for people with ME, CFS, PVFS and their carers in Wales 2012-13

Can you help?


WAMES wants to improve the quality of life for people with ME and CFS by campaigning for better services. We are speaking to Local Health Boards, health professionals, Social services etc. about their plans to improve services.


We want to hear about your views and experiences of services (good and bad) in Wales.


People diagnosed with ME, CFS, PVFS AND their carers


Carers, if are answering a questionnaire on behalf of the person / people you care for, please complete a separate form for each person, and also answer some questions about your own experience of services for carers.


We can accept completed questionnaires any time during 2013, but the sooner the better! No individual will be identified and WAMES will not pass on any information to third parties.




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