Tell your story

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A personal story can be much more powerful than facts and figures. It can help others who are going through similar experiences. It can persuade Authorities to improve services or funders to give grants. It can reveal to friends, families and professionals the hidden reality of living with an invisible illness like ME.


Your story can be about your experiences, including:

  • The early days: becoming ill, finding a diagnosis, adjusting
  • What it’s like to live with ME
  • Struggles to access services and benefits
  • Experiences of treatments
  • What it’s like to care for someone with ME
  • Your fundraising or awareness raising activities


Post or email your story to Jan or Sylvia. It can be in written form or an audio or digital recording.


We will use the stories (or parts of them) when campaigning, on the website, in reports, newsletters and press releases. Tell us your first name or, if you wish to remain anonymous, give us a ‘pen name’.

We also get requests from the media for interviews so please tell us if you would be willing to speak to a journalist in Welsh or English.

Your stories



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