ME stories

Mixed age group

Find out what it is like to have ME:


Evette: a living torture (video)

Gemma: it just wasn’t safe for me to continue doing my job (video)

Kathryn: I thought I was dying

Martin: I never get a day off

Maya: What Bronllys taught me about pacing (blog article)

Michelle: I managed to get four GCSEs from e-learning… but I relapsed and now I can’t concentrate for long enough to do more (news article)

Natasha: One day you can feel OK and the temptation is to do a lot, but that hits you hard afterwards (newspaper article)

Pippa: overwhelmingly debilitating, unpredictable, and totally devastating relapses (blog article)

Sarah: I can sometimes sleep for up to 18 hours and can still feel tired and be in pain afterwards (newspaper article)


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