500 miles for ME – Rob raises £1,00 for WAMES


Rob began his challenge in June –  to walk 500 miles for ME over the course of 100 days, to greet the sunrise at Paxton’s Tower, near Carmarthen.


He is now three quarters of the way along. He has faced a wide range of weather, and a knee injury, and been joined by friends and family.

He “feels lucky to be doing something people with ME can’t” as so many are in the “slow lane”, [though Ffion in her poem reminds us that some of us are not even in the slow lane but “on the hard shoulder!”]

We are grateful to people who have supported Rob and donated:

WAMES  £1,000

ME Research UK  £1,343

Invest in ME Research £1,230

And Rob’s fundraising challenge is not over yet! Donate here

He is also taking time to record interviews, “raising awareness and educating about this debilitating disease that has for too long been neglected, resulting in #millionsmissing from their own lives.” Herre is a clip from his interview with Jan Russell about the work of WAMES in Wales.

So far there have been 3 Discussions at Dawn with

Rob has taken on this challenge on top of caring for his youngest son, who is currently bedbound. Fortunately he has the support and technical expertise from other family members, to whom we can thank for his online presence:

500 miles for ME web page      Discussions at dawn

Facebook: 500miles4ME      Twitter/X: @500miles4ME 


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