BBC TV programme Trust me I’m a doctor: summer special, looks at a number of ways to improve your health, lose belly fat, and cope with the sun and heat.

3 alternatives to exercise are explored on the programme:

  • to have a hot bath or sauna to lower your blood sugar and burn calories;
  • to have your muscles stretched by someone else to lower your blood sugar levels and burn calories;
  • mental training, or motor imagery to increase the strength of your muscles (audio guides available online)

The 55 min programme is available Sunday 17 July 2016 BBC 2, 7pm  OR online until Thurs 11 August 2016

Moseley hotpool

BBC news: Can you get the benefits of exercise by having a hot bath?

Daily Mail: How you can get fit just by THINKING about exercise! Scientists say imagining yourself working out could actually make your muscles stronger



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