Upright activity and exercise intolerance: critical concepts in the evaluation of chronic fatigue, by Dr Lucinda Bateman


Dr Bateman talks to doctors.  Duration 56 minutes.

Topics covered:

  • how she assesses and diagnoses patients with ME/CFS
  • the questionnaires she gets them to fill in before they see her include the whole of the SF-36 (Rand-36) questionnaire, not just physical function, the fibromyalgia impact questionnaire, questions about hours of upright activity (feet on floor) on good and bad days
  • Post exertional malaise – what it is, and some research relating to it
  • the importance of staying within the energy envelope and some research that showed that those patients who successfully managed their activity to stay within their envelope stabilised and gradually improved over time, and those who didn’t got worse.
  • orthostatic intolerance including 10 minute stand test and pulse, blood pressure and pulse pressure changes.
  • cognitive problems

Dr Lucinda Bateman has run a clinic for patients with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia in Utah, USA since 2000: Bateman Horne Center

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