TWiV Special, 31 May 2017: Trial by Error, Continued

Here’s a 50-minute podcast by David Tuller who is interviewed by Prof Vincent Racaniello:  David Tuller returns to discuss the continuing saga of the UK’s PACE trial for chronic fatigue syndrome, including the accusation that he is engaging in libelous blogging.

ME Action UK blog post, 8 June 2017: Tuller on PACE Investigation Plans: Not Beholden to Anyone

#MEAction sat down with David Tuller recently for a wide-ranging discussion about the crowdfunding effort to help him continue his PACE investigations, the devastating stories he has heard from patients around the world, the poor media coverage of the PACE Trial flaws, and the ideal end result of all of the work he is doing.

Virology blog, 4 June 2017: Trial By Error, Continued: My “Tear It Up” Talk at Invest in ME

…In addition to outlining the unacceptable flaws of the trial, I discussed whether the ethical and methodological lapses could be defined as “research misconduct.” And then, as foretold in the title slapped onto my presentation by Invest in ME (“Tear It Up!”), I engaged in a bit of performance art. I tore up not just one but three papers. First was the 2011 Lancet paper. Next, the 2013 Psychological Medicine “recovery” paper.  Finally, by special request from interested parties, I ripped up an Esther Crawley paper—specifically, her 2016 prevalence study in Pediatrics, which featured her inflated claim that almost two percent of kids in the U.K. suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome when all she documented was that they suffered from chronic fatigue…                                                                        read more

Here are the slides for David Tuller’s talk at the Invest in ME pre-conference dinner on June 1.

Crowdrise blog post, 17 June 2017: Update #1 Two weeks to go…

Pro health blog post, 30 May 2017: Erica Verrillo has very kindly offered to triple donations to David Tuller’s crowd-fund appeal.

URGENT UPDATE, JUNE 17: As of today, David Tuller’s Crowdrise campaign stands at $49,000. This outpouring of support has been impressive! But with less than two weeks to go, we are down to the wire if we are going to make the $60,000 goal. (If the campaign falls short, David will lose his health insurance.)

Erica Verrillo, ProHealth’s ME/CFS editor, author of Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, and founder of the American ME and CFS Society, a new national patient non-profit, is stepping forward at this critical time. She will TRIPLE any donations made during these final days up to a total of $5,000. How does it work? If you donate $25, for example, she will kick in $75. The triple matching campaign will end when a total of $10,000 is reached. It’s that simple.


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