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My name is Dr. Keith Geraghty, I am an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester in the Centre for Primary Care. My main research interests are patient safety and harms, doctor-patient relations, medically unexplained illness and ME/CFS research.

So how did I get involved in CFS research? Well, I am one of the estimated 250,000 sufferers of ME/CFS in the UK. There is no doubt that ME, or CFS, whether one illness or discrete conditions, are life changing conditions for many; but it’s also very challenging from a research perspective, not just because the illness is enigmatic and complex, but because of many other factors, some of which I hope to articulate here, sharing my experience as both a CFS researcher and a CFS sufferer…

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The future

Today I find myself busy reading papers as usual, writing research grant applications, dealing with paper submissions and the review process; including attempting to convince editors and journals to accept my papers (all part of normal academic activities).

I use every opportunity to connect with other researchers; I think this is a vital part of research, particularly in CFS were there are perhaps less researchers. I also really enjoy connecting with patients, I often share my draft papers with patients and ask for their opinions prior to submission – I think this is a model other researchers should adopt.

I haven’t conquered every barrier in CFS research and there are many, both personal and professional, but I am making progress, mostly through hard work and determination. In the next year or two I hope to publish more widely and establish myself as a leading CFS researcher in the UK. Maybe in the future I will be able to offer support to other CFS researchers who might be looking to come into this challenging research field.

Dr. Geraghty is interested in collaborating with others on new or existing ME/CFS projects, especially in Europe but also elsewhere. He may be contacted at:

Doing Research in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, by Dr. Keith Geraghty, in IACFSME newsletter, May 2016





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