Seven webinars of Dr Neil Harrison have been broadcast by the Dutch group ME/cvs Vereniging:


  • 75, Mar 8, 2016: Me & ME: type of research, Models of inflammation, How does this relate to ME?
  • 76, Mar 22 2016: ME & fatigue: How do you measure fatigue? Does fatigue have different components?  Is there consensus about the word fatigue in psychoneuroimmunology?  Isn’t fatigue an over-exposed topic in ME-research?  Difference between fatigue and PEM
  • 77, April 5, 2016: ME & the brain, part I: General effects of inflammation on the brain, More specific effects of inflammation on the brain, The insula and the basal ganglia
  • 78, April 19, 2016: ME & the brain, part II: parts of the brain associated with
    ME, connection brain-immunesystem, connection brain- gastrointestinal track,
    cognitions & priming and strongest arguments that ME is not a psychic condition
  • 79, May 3, 2016: ME & inflammation, part I: general effects of inflammation on the body, general effects of inflammation on the brain & relation to feelings of
    fatigue, different responses to an inflammation in ME, different effects of
    inflammation, and interferon
  • 80, May 17, 2016: ME & inflammation, part II: ME-patients & inflammation: the differences, evidence of inflammation in the blood after the infection is gone,
    evidence of effect of inflammation in the brain after an infection, evidence of brain inflammation in ME, and microglia and their function
  • 81, May 31, 2016: ME & diagnosis: present and future possibilities and
    technologies, what is an MRI and what is an fMRI, SPECT- & PET-scans, other
    hopeful possibilities, and if he expects a breakthrough in research on ME

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