Gwynedd and Mon well-being consultation

The draft  assessment of well-being has been drawn up by the Public Services Board of Anglesey and Gwynedd. They will be using these assessments, as well as a number of other sources, to create a Well-being Plan. It is important therefore that the assessments are a fair reflection of the local communities, and that it looks at the challenges and the opportunities ahead.

The Gwynedd and Môn Public Services Board has divided the whole area into 14 smaller areas. Research has been carried out on behalf of the Board on each of the 14 areas to learn and understand more about their well-being.

Have your say by completing the questionnaire on the website:

Gwynedd         Gwynedd Cymraeg          Môn        Môn Cymraeg  

Contact them for a paper copy.    01248 752033    Online

Paper copies are also available in the libraries and leisure centre of each authority.

The closing date for responses is the 13th of April 2017


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