The second in a series introducing WAMES volunteers: the Volunteer Coordinator 


Hi! My name is Sharon Williams.

Sharon 2021

I have been involved with WAMES for many years, initially helping to raise awareness and fundraising, but now as Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteer Support Officer, meaning that I recruit, induct and support volunteers. I can’t wait to welcome more people to the team!

My role is key because we need more volunteers with varied skills as we seek to expand and help more people with ME throughout Wales.

This mission is important to me on a personal level. Until the age of 17, I was a healthy and active young person. I was an A grade student and represented Wales at gymnastics.

Then, out of the blue, I got Glandular Fever. After the fever went, I was left with profound fatigue and I was eventually diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and ME. I was very ill for 20 years but in recent years my symptoms have lessened.

WAMES has helped me in the past so it is nice to give back as a volunteer and turn a negative into a positive.

I am a self-employed French and German teacher and translator. I am married and live in Pembrokeshire, enjoy walking in beautiful landscapes, swimming, knitting and spending time with my friends and family and updating my cat’s Twitter account!



Part One: The chair

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