Introducing WAMES volunteers: the treasurer


Early a nomad, by adoption, I’m a Brummie. My school song included the worthy thought “Die of service, not of rust.”   Wales is not the land of my fathers but it is the land of a grandfather, a grandmother and a mother – which, let’s face it, is just hard to get into a song.  Family connections meant that Mid and North Wales was where I went for many holidays and some Scout trips.  I can bring to mind the wonderful Mawddach Estuary any time I want to – which is quite often.  And I’ve always supported Wales playing England at any sport.

Though employed 50% as a university lecturer in accounting and business subjects, when in 2019 my wife’s job moved us to Swansea, I cast around to offer my services.  The Swansea Council for Voluntary Service linked me with WAMES in late 2020 and though I know nothing about ME, CFS or anything similar I was very happy to help.

WAMES treasurer role is to:

    • maintain an overview of WAMES’ financial affairs and advise the committee on budgets
    • ensure that proper financial records and procedures are maintained

Things are at their best when, with money in the bank, treasurers have little to do – which has been my lot so far with WAMES.   As everyone else feels they have to be optimistic, it’s normally left to accountants and treasurers to play the sceptical negative cards. Of course the converse can be the case: I have been in a position where I’m the one to say “Things are fine – spend a bit of money!”

I see the role of Treasurer as primarily ensuring that everybody else has the maximum of information.   Secondarily, the Treasurer is there in a “sweeper” role making sure in an anticipatory fashion, that everything is going to turn out well.  Formally, and in this case, I’m a Trustee of WAMES which means I share the responsibility for ensuring the charity is run effectively and legally.

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