Kara Jane’s album launch – It’s still M.E.


At last I can say it – my album, It’s Still M.E., is out now! Please, please share the news with everyone you know. My story is told today on the BBC News site.

Where to buy my album

It’s Still M.E can be downloaded and streamed from major platforms.

My story

I’m seriously ill with a severe form of ME. I’ve been bed bound for many years and am dependent on oxygen and 24 hour nursing care. I’m frequently admitted to hospital with serious infections, and a few years ago doctors warned me that my life expectancy could be very limited.

From this place of suffering and despair, my album was born.

I began writing music to express my pain, and a family friend helped me to record the songs from my bed.  As I’m too ill to sing more than a line or two at a time, completing the vocals took a couple of years.

Recording from my bed

In May 2020, a BBC appeal resulted in over 100 musicians and producers coming forward to offer their help in completing the album.  An amazing team have dedicated the last few months to working on my music.  Thanks to them, my dream of releasing an album has now come true.

I’m aiming to raise £100,000 for research into severe ME. (More information here.)

How you can help

There are several ways that you can support me.

1 – Buy my album!  Every penny raised will go towards research into the severest cases of ME.    It will also help raise awareness of just how serious this illness can be.

2 – Donate to my fund.  If you wish to make a donation in addition to purchasing the album, please visit my Just Giving page.

3 – Spread the word about my album, on social media and in person.  (All my social media links are at the bottom of the page.) The more people we can reach, the greater the success of the project.

Album taster


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