Can you help WAMES continue in our mission?


Our Vision is for a Wales where adults and children with ME and CFS and their carers are taken seriously and treated with respect, where diagnosis, treatment and services are accessible without a battle

WAMES is a charity run solely by volunteers. We are looking for people who wish to ‘make a difference for ME‘ in Wales.

We will be appointing new officers (secretary and treasurer) at the delayed AGM at the end of September. We invite people who wish to work with us in big or small ways to join us at the same time.

The role of the treasurer is to:

  • maintain an overview of WAMES’ financial affairs and advise the committee on budgets
  • ensure that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.

The treasurer is an essential officer of the charity and will share the running of the organisation with other committee members. Deadline for applications: 13 Sep 2020.

Other ways you can help:

  • communications: help us update our digital presence & develop publications
  • fundraising: help us identify & tap into a variety of fundraising methods
  • administration: support the secretary
  • awareness raising: help us get the word out about the realities of living with ME
  • trustee: help us plan the future work of WAMES in a world hit by a pandemic
  • volunteers: help us find and support volunteers so they get the most out of their volunteering experience
  • ???   suggest ways you can get involved!

To find out more contact Jan

Please note:

  • The treasurer’s post is for 3 years starting end of September 2020
  • Training can be arranged & expenses will be paid
  • Most tasks can be carried out from home
  • Computer access will be necessary for most tasks
  • Many tasks can be done as a ‘role share’ or as part of a team.

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