Lessons from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for Long COVID:

Part 4: Heart Rate Monitoring to Manage Postexertional Symptom Exacerbation, by Todd E Davenport, Staci R Stevens, Jared Stevens, Christopher R Snell, J Mark Van Ness in JOSPT February 23, 2022 [doi.org/10.2519/jospt.blog.20220223]


Blog post extract:


A combination of HRM (Heart Rate Monitoring) and symptom journaling will best assist patients and clinicians to track outcomes and adjust the HRM program as needed.

The patient and clinician should collaborate to determine the “Key 3” symptoms of PESE that are most functionally limiting to the patient. Symptoms may be assessed using a formalized questionnaire or they may be qualitatively determined based on discussion with the patient. The presence and severity of Key 3 symptoms can be reassessed over time to determine the effectiveness of the HRM program.

The Rationale for Heart Rate Monitoring

…PESE is characterized by aerobic system dysfunction. Pacing based on heart rate can help the patient avoid the dysfunctional aerobic system by keeping their activity intensity at a level anaerobic metabolism will dominate.

Heart rate monitoring (HRM) provides an element of predictive potential for the patient to understand when their activities exceed physiological limits and eventually may result in PESE. In this post, we will discuss activity pacing to manage PESE that is based on HRM.

Read full article for information about:

  • Selecting the Heart Rate Monitor
  • Identifying the Ventilatory Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate
  • Some Pitfalls and Pearls of Heart Rate Monitoring

Lessons from ME/CFS…:

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